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Trees and shrubs

A wide choice
of high quality trees and shrubs

If you want to purchase good shrubs, visit our Salaberry-de-Valleyfield garden center, just south of Vaudreuil. All of our nursery plants are grown with care, so that they are robust and healthy when they are planted in your garden. We have over 2500 varieties in stock, which makes Les Serres Latour’s Salaberry-de-Valleyfield garden center the one with the most complete inventory. Horticultural enthusiasts will certainly find the perfect plant, which will entirely adapt to the soil, sunlight and humidity conditions of its future growth location.

Our professionals at your service

Visit our professionals to receive all required advice for purchasing shrubs that will grow to their full potential as they add beauty to your property. Indeed, several important factors must be considered before a tree leaves our SalaberrydeValleyfield nursery. For example, one must take into account the acidity of soil andthe amount of sunshine. Add humidity, and you have the three minimal conditions for the selected shrub to grow and thrive. The plants we have are also fit to survive our nordic climate. In addition, the choices available to our garden center have flowering seasons which vary from shrub species to others, with unique flavors and shimmering colors. The fruit can be consumed by humans or they may be used to attract local wildlife. Obviously, from an aesthetic point of view, we must take into account the height, foliage and maintenance level required by the selected plants.

Les Serres Latour also offer landscape design and planting services as well as a trimming service.

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